Monday, May 19, 2008

After 1 month recovery

To keep my immune system fit and healthy, I exercise , eat nutritious food like fish, cheese, chicken, lots of vege, tofu and drink fresh juices daily.

I go for morning walks around my neighbourhood and practise deep breathing exercises like breathing through one nostril deeply 3 times alternately, or thru one left nostril and breathe out thru the right nostril and vice versa many times. The morning air is cool and calm. I like to walk after a rainstorm. The air is energized with negative ions and it feels so cool and fresh.

Twice a week my husband and I go for qigong exercise at night. We practise the movements for Soaring Crane Qi Gong ( Hexiang Zhuan Qigong). They are graceful stretching exercises for the limbs and all body parts. My sister told me that some are like the Yoga poses that she practises. My husband and I found them interesting and not monotonous. We both learnt this qigong about 6 years ago before we shifted down to Seremban. I started practising this again after one and a half months after my surgery. This time I was more serious and practise it more regularly. At first I could not turn my body parts fully especially around my tummy, bending to my toes or knees. Where there is pain, I did not force my movement. By six months I can turn and make all the moves and twists without pain. There are 3 parts :- the 1st part got 5 routines making the crane bird movements, the 2nd part (Yik Jing Jing) has 8 routines and the last part (Park Tuan Jing) another 8 routines. The whole exercise lasts about half an hour, which I did daily in the mornings and evenings.

After 3rd month of my surgery I could go for my golf hobby with my husband.
In the beginning I played 6 holes. Now I regularly played nine holes. I enjoy walking on the greens and admired God's lovely nature in the surroundings. I'm so grateful to be alive and able to enjoy the game with my husband and friends.

Sometimes, during the mornings or evenings or at weekends , we paid visits to our dear friends and relatives who have helped us to get through my ordeal. We really appreciate their support and enjoy catching up on our visits and they were very happy to see me well and cheerful.

I felt a deeper appreciation for the gift of life. My family and I realized how fragile life is and we make changes to our diet like eating more plant-based food :- fresh fruits, vegetables, green tea, whole-grains and vitamin supplements. We tried to exercise at our own level of ability.
The most important thing is that our perception and beliefs about cancer and recovery change to a more positive and hopeful outlook.

We tried not to be too paranoid about being too healthy, too hygienic, going to extremes in being clean etc.. but be moderate, doing things normally but be more aware of what we eat and do daily to stay well.
Our circle of friends, relatives and family bond has improved and strengthened and we know we will be there for each other for any of life's unexpected knocks and trials.

Spiritually, I am thankful to God for sparing my life. Maybe there is a purpose, a mission for me to fulfil and accomplish. I humbly pray and ask Him to guide me to do what He wills.