Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Early this year in January, I was asked to go for a CT-TAP ( Computed Tomography of Thorax, Abdomen + Pelvis ) in Hospital Tuanku Jaafar Seremban
The surgeon wrote briefly on the form that I was :   60 years + / female
~ was diagnosed `c stomach ca ( T2 No ) in 2008
~ underwent subtotal gastrectomy `c D2 dissection in 2008
~ HPE : Adenocarcinoma - poorly differentiated Ca ( Signet ring )
Currently, pt. is well + asymptomatic
# : CT-TAP for surveillance.

The following month February, I got the results. It seems that there is a small swelling in my gall bladder duct which is between the duodenum and the liver. My gall bladder was already taken out as it had stones along with 18 lymph nodes around the stomach during the gastrectomy operation in 2008.
I was surprised as I do not feel any pain in my abdomen. The surgeons were very concerned and asked me to go for blood tests and MRCP - a type of MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging ) scan for the tissue in the bile duct. Since the duct is dilated, the doctors are worried about the obstruction : Problem within duct ( possiblity stones or worms ), or with the wall duct or outside the duct.
So, end of May I went for the tests.

In June, all the blood tests ( CEA, FBC, RP / LFT ) results were okay and normal.
MRCP result form :-
CT-TAP --Diluted proxinel CBP
No obstructive cages seen
The surgeon then told me not to worry , as it is normal after gall-bladder removal to have bile duct narrowing called post cholecystectomy syndrome.

I was so relieved and happy. I was very fortunate to have regular check-ups in this hospital by such caring and careful doctors and surgeons especially Dr Mahadevon and Dr Azrina. They were so concerned in taking good care of me because of the young cancer-survivor and great friend ( Dr. Kelvin ) recurrence. He is undergoing another painful round of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment the second time. The cancer has spread to an area near his kidneys which is impossible to operate. My heart goes out to him as he is so young around thirty and suffering. Every night I say a prayer for his recovery.

In November, I went for my check-up in the hospital. I was given the all-clear healthy sign as I have passed the 5-year mark for cancer-survivor recovery.
Everyday I count my blessings and praise God. I am still cautious of my diet by eating more fruits and vegetables daily, maintaining my weight and doing exercise regularly.

Postscript :
Dr Kelvin Choo, the young and brave cancer-survivor just passed away before this Christmas. He has inspired and touched many hearts in his battle with cancer. I will keep the wonderful memories of his friendship in the stomach-cancer support group. Rest in peace, Kelvin.