Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post-Op Stay in the Hospital - Diary

This diary was recorded by my daughter, Iris, as I was too weak
and slowly recovering from the operation in Ward 8B.

5-2-08 (Tues)
Dr Jacinta gave anesthetic Epid Cocktail - dosage increase from 6 mg/hr to 8 mg/hr ( 1.30 am)
She explained that if given more, my mom's BP will drop and heart beat will be slow. Mom is still in pain and could not get up to sit. She wore tight stockings to prevent blood clotting. A nose tube to drain out the 1/4 stomach fluids, Intravenous drip tube for sodium chloride / glucose to feed mom thru her hand vein , Urine tube to drain her bladder.

6-2-08 (Wed)
Morning 4.30 am fever 38.2*C. Used a wet towel to sponge mom. Her abdomen, throat and nose painful. Can hardly speak up as her throat is painful after surgery insertion. Sleep mostly.

7.00 pm epidural machine seem faulty as a sharp beep keeps on alerting. Called Dr a few times but due to festive CNY holiday , only one Dr is on call and she is busy in the ICU unit.

Dr Balen, the anesthetic Doc, came at 11.30 pm to change the epidural machine and medicine to morphin. They took out the epidural needle as the tube is clogged. Morphin given through vein (near wrist) and manual control (ASP) by patient. Each time mom presses the button, 1 mg of morphin is inserted + m/c will be locked for 5 mins before the next insertion can be made.

7-2-08 (CNY) (Thurs)
With this morphin, mom can be propped upright in the sitting position in the morning. Her legs did not feel numb + can fold up slightly + can talk too. She has a plastic gadget named TRIFLO II consists of 3 plastic balls in 3 columns. It is a breathing exerciser tool. Mom can breathe one ball up high (max level) but Dr wants her to breathe 2 balls up. She must practise it hourly or as much as possible. Dr wants her to sit on high chair tomorrow.

Mom gargled and spit out the water to keep her mouth + throat wet. Mom is on NO liquid + solid diet. Slight fever at 9.00 am ( 37.4*C). She is on oxygen tube. Her left hand is swollen. Dr Maha asked Dr Azahana to change the intravenous injection outlet to the other hand. At 12 pm the nurses change the tubes and morphin medicine to the right hand.

8-2-08 (CNY) (Fri)
Right hand also slightly swollen. Was asked to shift from Bed 23 to Bed 17. In the afternoon my brother+ Dad got mom on a high chair beside the bed at 4.00 pm. Manage to sit for about 2 hours.

When Mom stands up she can move her legs up + down a few times to exercise. Today fart also. Urine is clearer. Mucus from nose tube no more but need to keep it on another day to monitor. Oxygen tube was taken off.
Used cupped hands to beat mom's chest and back to loosen phlegm /mucous in her lungs.(pysiotherapy) Mom feels and sounds better after doing this. ( Did this "beating" for mom every morning + night during her stay in hospital).

9-2-08 (Sat)
Morning help mom to brush her teeth with a small empty pail + a cup of water with straw.
9.45 am mom able to walk to + fro ten small steps before sitting on the high chair. Dr Azhana informed us that Dr Ramesh has given the green light to take out the nose tube and urine tube.
Have to check with the anesthetic Dr first to take out the morphin machine as it is difficult to go to the toilet with it.

10.00 am - Nose tube taken out
10.30 am - First sip of clear water
10.40 am - 20 ml water
11.30 am - 20 ml water
12.30 pm - 25 ml water

8.30 pm - 50 ml water

10-2-08 (Sun)
Morning able to walk to toilet. Morning walk one round the ward to the door and back.

9.00 am - Can breathe one + 1/4 balls up on her plastic gadget

10.30 am - Dr Ramesh came + said that mom can take some milo with milk powder. Requested
to go into first class ward as the present ward is too congested + noisy because of accident patients.

Afternoon move into ward 2C ( 4 patients in a room) with air-cond + nearer bathrooms. Morphin PCA taken out + substitute with painkiller pills.
8.00 pm - mom drank 1/3 cup milo plain( no sugar + milk)

11-2-08 (Mon)
Dr Ramesh + Dr Grace came. Inform nurse to take out drip + stockings. Can start on porridge + probably be discharged on Wed or Thurs.

Mom took some milo with evaporated milk ( Hosp has no milk powder) Mom 's tummy felt uneasy. Probably will skip the evaporated milk next time.

Blood test for potassium ok.
9.00 am : BP 117/72 -ok. No fever

10.30 am: Mom got diarrhoea + felt fainting + weak
Blood sugar checked ok (7.8)

Dr Marie came and gave oral rehydration salt + was asked to monitor mom. The sudden diarrhoea may have caused the faintness and probably the gut is also starting to work now.
Need to monitor. If persistent, will do blood test to check salt, sugar etc + go on drip again.

1.40 pm : mom can breathe 2 balls up high to max sometimes.

8.00 pm : Took Omeprazole for stomach reflux ( twice a day - one in the morning + 1 at night)
Mom is still taking it until now.
Painkiller Dramadol ( 3 times a day) Before the end of first week at home, mom stopped taking it

12-2-08 (Tues)
7.35 am Dr Ramesh came + told Mom that she can be discharged today.He saw that she was recuperating well. Will see him in a month's time.

10.00 am The wound stitches, actually 32 metal staples, are taken out carefully. A couple of them tear and bleeds. Dr Marie came to inspect them and found them to be okay as there is no pus. Dr Marie wrote the discharge summary and after waiting for a while for the medicine, we took mom home before noon time.